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This site is where you can learn how to help support the new Massachusetts Health Care Reform Law.

Access to health care is a basic human need. Massachusetts became the first state in the country to apply this ideal to the complex problem and put in place a practical plan to expand affordable health care when it passed comprehensive health reform in 2006.

The new law allows nearly everyone in the state to have health coverage they can count on. People who couldn’t afford health insurance can now choose a plan that fits their financial situation, and families with children and young adults will be able to regularly see a doctor for preventive care instead of having to wait until they get really sick.

This new law is a meaningful and important step forward toward making our health care system work for everyone. We hope that you will find this site a valuable source of information and that you will join us in actively supporting our health reform law.

Because every Massachusetts citizens should have health care coverage they can count on.